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Since 1966, Premier has helped clients recover the maximum value of their assets through industrial auctions and tailored marketing programs. Since our founding in 1966, Premier Asset Recovery Group has been a recognized leader in the industrial auction industry. Our specialty is the sale and liquidation of idle and redundant industrial machinery and equipment. Through our public auctions, private liquidations and retail marketing programs, we recommend programs and assist our clients in recovering the maximum value of their surplus, non-productive and under-utilized assets. In other words, Premier recovers the capital invested in non-producing industrial assets.
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Premier Asset Recovery Group

Premier’s reputation as one of North America’s most trusted, full-service auction companies is further enhanced by alternative asset recovery programs and direct sales capabilities.

We are also certified appraisers, consultants, and when called upon, available to provide expert testimony to assist your advocates in legal matters and disputes.

All Premier marketing programs are carefully designed to effectively match qualified buyers and sellers.

By doing so, our Premier clients yield the highest returns for their assets, while buyers achieve the highest perceived value for their purchases.

Premier welcomes the opportunity to put our expertise to work for you.

Financial institutions and industrial companies call upon us when circumstances arise that dictate the need to convert industrial assets into maximum cash.

Our first objective is to inspect and assess the situation and provide a custom-tailored recommendation and proposal.

Our recommended solution may include any one of a number of Premier programs, including an onsite public auction, a private liquidation, or a custom retail marketing program. Premier may elect to offer an out-right cash purchase of your assets or guarantee a minimum net return, thus eliminating or minimizing your risk or responsibility when those assets go to auction.

Premier Industrial Auctions are one of the most powerful and effective sales programs we offer to maximize timely asset recovery.

Premier auctions are complete, computerized, state-of-the-art programs. They provide for mass buyer registration, organized lot numbers, collating of major assets and grouping of thousands of plant items. They also track final purchase price, billing, sales tax, internet online bidding and absentee proxy bidding.

If our recommended strategy does call for an auction sale, we begin with a thorough evaluation and client interview. From here, we analyze the client’s unique situation and formulate a specific marketing strategy. We then present several proposals to the client that vary in their degree of financial risk.

Together with you, our client, we determine the best plan of action to achieve your goals, and then the auction process begins.

We provide you with a formal proposal that includes an evaluation, a marketing plan, a timetable, estimated costs, and a thorough overview of the process, along with a list of references. Following your approval, the Premier Team goes to work. We describe and photograph all machinery and equipment, with an emphasis on major items.

With our 40 years of expertise, we have an intimate understanding of manufacturing assets and the true “fair market value” of your machinery, equipment and property.

With our client’s goals in mind, we then implement our marketing program and promotional materials, including auction brochures, media advertising, press releases and flyers for internet and fax transmission.

Premier currently owns and operates an extensive database of active auction buyers and potential auction attendees. For each auction, we enhance our database with auction industry prospects using SIC manufacturing codes.

Throughout the duration of our media and marketing program, the Premier Team site manager is on location preparing all items for the auction sale.

This entails cleaning, organizing, sorting, identifying, and numbering lots. We computerize all information to prepare a buyer’s guide.

Prior to the auction, the Premier Team assists prospective buyers in the inspection of equipment. Following the auction, we are responsible for the collection of proceeds, and we supervise the removal of all purchased items. Auction settlements are made on a timely basis after the auction sale date.

Premier: Applying Science to the Art of Auctioneering

Premier is dedicated to conducting auctions that produce the greatest return for our clients.

Achieving this goal is both an art and a science. On the science side, Premier sets the stage for success by having an expert, up-to-the-minute understanding of the industrial market place and the inherent value of machinery and equipment being offered for sale.

Our state licensed auctioneers are experienced appraisers as well as experts on the auction stand.

The science and strategy for producing true success goes further. Premier understands what day of the week an auction should be held, the order that certain items should be auctioned, even the time of day to sell the most valuable assets.

We know the type of marketing materials that elicit the most interest, and the exact time to unleash our advertising campaign.

The Premier art of auctioneering begins with an intrinsic understanding of the auction environment in order to establish trust and confidence with the buyers.

The Experienced, motivating and charismatic presentation by Premier auctioneers creates heightened interest and involvement between bidders.

The result is spirited competitive bidding, which creates the potential for the highest possible outcome.

We invite you to attend a Premier Auction and witness for yourself the Premier combination of Art and Science… hard at work for our clients.


We have four decades of experience in industrial machinery and equipment appraisal and valuation.

Premier is eminently qualified to provide the accurate and realistic machinery appraisals you need to determine the true value of fixed assets.

Our trusted, professional “opinion of value” is relied upon by corporations, financial institutions, attorneys, investments groups and business leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We provide certified appraisals to establish values in insurance coverage, buy/sell agreements, estate plans, and the sale of assets.

The defining difference between Premier and other appraisers goes beyond our years of experience, our multiple certifications, disciplines and degrees.

As an equipment appraisal company, we also make a living risking our own capital, buying and selling those same assets on a daily basis.

When you require the best, most reliable information to assist in your decision-making, Premier offers you the experience, the qualifications, and credibility you seek.

We are committed to providing you with the accurate, professional certified equipment appraisal you need, enhanced by the dedication and personal service you expect and deserve.


Premier will conduct a short or long-term liquidation of your assets through a custom-designed retail marketing program.

Often times, assets are determined not to be auctionable. In these cases, Premier will construct and manage a liquidation program designed to give maximum sales exposure to the marketplace. Liquidations may require 3 months to 2 years of active marketing in order to ensure successful results.


What is the best approach to recover industrial assets? There is no right answer. Your short or long term goals, your inventory and its value, and the economics that drive the marketplace are factors that impact the marketing approach. Our consultants will provide you with the insight and answers to help guide the way.

Expert Testimony

Legal disputes and issues often arise as to the worth of industrial products, inventories and assets that may require expert testimony in and out of the courtroom. Premier assists clients and their advocates to determine true asset valuation.

Equipment & Remarketing Program

In addition to our many industrial asset recovery programs, we are specialists in the sale of machine tools and machinery valuation. Our knowledge of industrial products and the current marketplace makes us uniquely qualified to develop and execute a sales strategy and program for the successful sale of machine tools and other industrial products.

Asset Management

Premier’s marketing team will consult and design an asset management program to suit your particular requirements. Techniques used are asset utilization, outsourcing, depreciation and technology considerations, cost of equipment, internal rates of return, and capital budgeting. Premier’s professional staff is ready to respond and assist on an individual basis. Premier is a results oriented organization, striving to achieve the best possible results for our clients and ourselves.

Executive Leadership


Glenn Gray, Managing Director

Glenn earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Economics Department of Brown University in 1979. He is a Certified Appraiser with a certification from the Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers (AMEA). Glenn served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Machinery Dealers National Association from 1986 to 1988. His company has been a member of the association for over 30 years, as well as a member of the European Machine Tool Merchants. As a recognized evaluations expert in the business of buying and selling machinery, Glenn and Premier Asset Recovery Group are involved in all aspects of the machinery business, including the appraisal, liquidation and auctioning of closed facilities. Midway Airlines, Amoco, Textron, Excello, Amca, I.T.T., International, Heideleberg, Corning are but a few of the companies contracting Premier for auctions and marketing services.

Premier currently maintains two locations with 70,000 square feet of warehouse space and more than 500 preowned machine tools in stock.