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Acting as your used machinery broker, CNC Exchange sells your equipment straight from your floor. We market your equipment with the goal of bringing prospective buyers directly to you. We begin by soliciting the necessary information from you about the machine(s) you wish to sell, including any special options, features and accessories, as well as the desired purchase price. We also take photographs and videos to show your equipment in the best light. Then, our job as an industrial machine broker is to find the right customer for your machine.
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Why Should You Use a CNC Broker?

While the brokering process generally takes longer to complete than other selling methods, it can generate a higher return for the owner. On the flip side, a longer process means that the machine stays on your floor longer, taking up space that may be needed for other equipment. However, if you have the room and are not in a huge hurry to sell, using a heavy equipment broker may be your best solution. Investing a little time and space now may result in a greater financial return later.

Another benefit of using a CNC broker is that once the deal is completed, you receive cash — immediately — in exchange for your machine. Plus, we arrange to remove the equipment from your plant very shortly after you finalize the sale.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have surplus machinery that you wish to sell, please talk to us. Let us know what you want to sell, and we will work with you to determine the best method for your particular situation. The professionals at CNC Exchange have the experience, knowledge and expertise to make your brokerage solution — or whichever option you choose — succeed.