We Pay Cash for Surplus Assets

Want cash for the equipment you’re selling? Don’t want to wait for a broker to find a buyer, or take the time to go through the auction process? CNC Exchange offers you fair market value for the CNC machines you no longer need. After the presentation and acceptance of an immediate cash offer, we pay you and remove your unnecessary equipment without delay. What could be easier?
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Benefits of a Quick Cash Sale

What do you do when your production assets are no longer needed? The unused machines take up space that could be put to better use, and their sale could potentially take a long time and expend a lot of energy that is better allocated into the running of your business. Let CNC Exchange handle the complicated selling process, while you put the money and space on your floor back to work immediately.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have surplus machinery and you want to sell quickly, please talk to us. Let us know what you want to sell, and we will provide a fast and fair cash offer. Let the knowledgeable professionals at CNC Exchange simplify your situation while providing the cash you want.