What Is a Consignment Auction Sale?

In this process, CNC Exchange will include your equipment in our next scheduled online equipment consignment auction. Our auctions are marketed to our internal database of more than 100,000 machine tool buyers through various industry publications and on the Bidspotter platform. This provides exposure of your machine to millions of potential buyers. There is no cost to include your equipment in our machinery consignment auction, and we will provide you a fair assessment of the expected value at auction. All machines sold at auction are sold as-is/where-is and removal is the responsibility of the buyer. A CNC consignment auction sale is a quick, efficient method for selling surplus assets at a fair value. Please contact us for more information about how the consignment auction process works.
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Consignment vs. Other Selling Methods

What is the best way to sell your CNC machinery? The optimal sales process depends on your unique circumstances.

Have you ordered a replacement for the machine you wish to sell?

You should begin the sales process as soon as possible, so we have enough time to sell your equipment before the new machine arrives to take its place. A consignment auction or cash purchase is ideal in this case.

Are time and space not an issue for selling your equipment?

A brokerage sale is best for you. In a brokerage sale, the machine remains at your facility and we sell it from your floor. This process tends to take more time but can generate higher value for the machine. We will market your machine, negotiate with interested parties, coordinate any inspections, and handle all the paperwork and logistics.

Are you closing a plant or production line under a strict time deadline?

A machinery consignment auction allows you to sell a number of machines relatively quickly. Not only do you get your money in short order, but we can also remove the machines from your plant in your specified time period.

Do you need to sell just one or a few machines promptly?

The easiest way to do this is to arrange for a cash payment. We make an offer and clear away your equipment as fast as possible.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have surplus machinery and you have a certain selling price in mind, please talk to us. As your consignee, CNC Exchange efficiently manages the consignment sale on your behalf. We determine fair market value, advertise the equipment, communicate with potential buyers, schedule inspections, and arrange for removal and shipping. Take advantage of our expertise and let us handle the details for you while you manage your business.