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Organizing a complex operation can be very difficult. That’s why CNC Exchange offers heavy machinery shipping and logistics services to help simplify the process of buying, selling and transporting industrial equipment. We have the experience and expertise to take care of the details so you can concentrate on running your business. When buying or selling industrial machinery, the sale is often the easiest part. Completing the transaction and facilitating heavy machinery transport can present a number of challenges that may affect the speed, safety and even the successful fulfillment of the exchange. Critical factors to consider in heavy machinery shipping include: ✔️ Moving the equipment out of its existing location ✔️ Loading it onto a transport vehicle ✔️ Delivery and installation in the new facility ✔️ Safety of all personnel involved at every step — a critical concern when dealing with heavy machinery transport ✔️ Logistics and regulations for interstate machinery transport or international machinery transport ✔️ Optimizing pickup, transport and delivery timelines for the most favorable rates Fortunately, these challenges are routinely handled by heavy machinery transport companies like CNC Exchange, and we are ready and able to assist.
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Take Advantage of Our Logistics Services 

 ✔️ Rigging
As industrial machinery movers, we have the right equipment and the trained professionals to help arrange the rigging of your equipment, regardless of its location.

✔️ Blocking and Bracing
Rely on our knowledgeable service technicians to properly block, brace and secure your machine for transport, preventing or minimizing incidental damage to the equipment.

 ✔️ Trucking
Access to a network of trucking firms that specialize in machine logistics and the movement of CNC machinery allows us to move all equipment on air-ride trailers with full tarps for protection from the elements.

✔️ International Shipping
Let us ship your machinery to or from any port in the world.

✔️ Container and Flat-Rack Loading
Trust us to arrange container and flat-rack loading for your international shipments.

The Professional Difference

Working with a leader among heavy machinery movers means you gain access to experience and expertise throughout these complex processes. There’s no need for you to take on the risks of figuring it out as you go or taking a “hope and see” approach. We’ve moved hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment and can get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. Our network of partners means that every logistical step is handled for you, down to the most efficient pickup time and transport route.

Working With CNC Exchange

We specialize in helping our customers find the exact right buyer or seller — and we gauge our success on how well we meet those needs and how happy our customers are after the transaction. Our track record of successful transactions, machinery removals and deliveries, repeat customers and our network of facilities speaks for itself. For more information, contact CNC Exchange today.