Why Choose CNC EXCHANGE for Used Grinders and EDM Equipment

When it comes to purchasing top-caliber used Grinders and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machines) equipment, CNC EXCHANGE unquestionably reigns as a prime choice. We provide hassle-free access to a plethora of reputable brands and equipment types to meet your unique needs. Opting for CNC EXCHANGE for your Grinders and EDM equipment also grants you the advantageous opportunity of acquiring prestigious machinery at cost-effective prices.

Different Types of Grinders and EDM Equipment

  • Grinder Surface machines are indispensable for creating a smooth finish on flat surfaces.
  • Grinder Centerless machines are ideal for high-volume production work. These non-conventional grinders do not require centers or chuck to hold the workpiece.
  • Grinder machines are the backbone of many industries, renowned for their adaptability in grinding materials of diverse hardness.
  • Tool Grinders: These specialized grinding machines are used for sharpening tool bits and other hardware.

Different Brands of Grinders and EDM Equipment

  • Unknown brand provides a solid range of quality grinders and EDM equipment.
  • Cincinnati produces high-quality grinders known for precision and durability.
  • Brown & Sharpe is a renowned brand offering top-of-the-line Grinders and EDM equipment.
  • Okamoto excels in the production of surface grinders and EDM machines that are renowned for their high precision and operational ease.

Industries and Unique Selling Points of Gr