Automotive CNC Machining Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Producing metal automotive parts requires the tight process control and high precision offered by the latest CNC machine tools. Whether you are an OEM, a supplier, an engine manufacturer or any other parts maker, you can rely on us for the best, most technologically advanced automotive CNC machines available. CNC machining provides many important benefits to the automotive industry. Computerized numerical control machines eliminate human error, speed production and result in more precisely engineered parts. Whether you mass-produce valves, pistons, headlight housings, aluminum wheels or other automotive components, CNC machining ensures that all your parts are accurate, identical and of the highest quality. CNC Exchange specializes in automotive CNC machine tools that allow you to manufacture automotive parts more efficiently and effectively. Regardless of the processes you employ — from honing, grinding and 5-axis machining to reverse engineering, prototyping and robotic automation — we understand what you’re looking for in computer-controlled automotive machine shop equipment. If you don’t see your desired used automotive machine shop equipment for sale, we are happy to help you find it.
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Applications of CNC machines for the Automotive Industry

CNC machines are used to manufacture a wide range of components, large and small, in the automotive industry. A CNC machine for the automotive industry can be used to produce:

Engine blocks — CNC machinery can take a large block of aluminum and machine it, using cutting and grinding tools, into the form of a car engine. The CNC process allows for increased automation and operator-free manufacturing after programming, resulting in efficiency gains. Used automotive machine shop equipment can help you realize these gains with a lower investment.

Cylinder blocks — In addition to the engine, CNC machining also can be used to create the cylinder blocks containing the pistons that drive the engine.

Electrical housings and components — CNC machining is ideal for smaller and finer components, such as automotive electrical equipment.

Suspension components — The precision allowed by CNC machining makes it ideal for manufacturing the components that work together to maintain an effective suspension assembly.

Lighting — CNC machines can manufacture components beyond metal parts. By CNC machining plastics and acrylics, manufacturers can quickly and efficiently produce headlight housings and internal lighting.

Working With CNC Exchange

CNC Exchange specializes in CNC equipment across many industries, including a wide selection of automotive machine shop equipment for sale. We maintain an extensive network of facilities from which we source used equipment, and aim to deliver customer service above and beyond our robust inventory by seeking out the equipment our customers need. To discuss your company’s CNC machine tool “want list” or our current inventory, get in touch today.